Kangaroo Tea Towel 50 x 70cm


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Soak up spills of your kitchen countertops with the ultra-absorbent Kangaroo Tea Towel and enjoy its fast drying qualities and reusability!
  • Generously sized lightweight tea towel designed to dry quickly for reusability
  • Depicts a beautiful vibrant kangaroo illustration in bold colours
  • Naturally absorbent, ideal for drying dishes or soaking up spills
  • Made from flexible material that's easy to fold or roll up for compact storage
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning and your convenience
  • Made from 100% Indian cotton
Inspired by the beautiful colours and personality of Australian wildlife, the Kangaroo Tea Towel is the perfect way to enhance your kitchen linen collection. This beautiful tea towel is adorned with an eye-catching kangaroo illustration. It is generously sized and lightweight in construction, making it ideal for drying dishes, handling hot plates, and holding your chopping board in place while you slice and dice. This high-performance tea towel is exceptionally absorbent and features fast drying properties for reusability. Made from 100% cotton, the Kangaroo Tea Towel is a crafted for durability and long-lasting appeal.

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